The way we Went from Close Friends to Girlfriends

The way we Went from Close Friends to Girlfriends

Meet Taylor and Taylor.

Taylor Strecker, the host of SiriusXM’s “Wake Up With Taylor, ” does not frequently mince terms. In reality, it is style of her task become bold, brash, and simply a little bit of an over-sharer.

However when she unexpectedly fell deeply in love with her best woman that is friend—a, incidentally, is known as Taylor—following her divorce or separation from her spouse of nearly 5 years, she discovered by by herself suddenly tongue-tied.

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“I think my market could inform for a while, which is what I’m supposed to do, and they were definitely salty over that, ” Strecker tells that I wasn’t sharing my life with them. “But I have actually constantly identified as directly, my expereince of living. I have never ever been drawn to girls, duration. End of tale. ”

Except it is only the start associated with story—one that made Strecker question everything she thought she knew about by herself, and in the end led her to very publicly emerge about her new relationship from the atmosphere in exactly what she claims was “the absolute scariest moment” of her life. Continue reading “The way we Went from Close Friends to Girlfriends”