BDSM Restraints 101 – Hogtied and Happy for novices

BDSM Restraints 101 – Hogtied and Happy for novices

I would personally need to say that restraints have been in my top three BDSM kinks. That does not suggest, but, I adore all restraints. Something that bends my knee in a stressful place is just a no-go. Something that will leave lasting marks (love steel) is one thing we shy far from (We have a bleeding condition that produces me bust out in a bruise even in the event i simply think of bumping into one thing).

Fortunately the menu is big and diverse.


We bet the very first thing you think about is handcuffs or rope.

You will be proper, BUT.

BDSM restraints are something that restricts or hinders (normal) movement etc.

FOR INSTANCE: Armbinders, hooks, gags, bondage furniture, mittens or monogloves, belts, hoods, tape, yokes, binders, chastity belts, cock bands, collars, corsets, diaper restraints, harnesses, humblers, spreader pubs, medical or equipment that is dental slings, cages, St. Andrew’s Cross, synthetic wrap, rope, shackles, handcuffs, rest sacks, shares, right coats, ties, scarves … the list continues. Continue reading “BDSM Restraints 101 – Hogtied and Happy for novices”