Dilemmas dating a solitary mother: what you should know

Dilemmas dating a solitary mother: what you should know

Women, let me reveal a huge benefit we can do for you:

I am going to save the horrors there are should you google “date a mom” that is single the world wide web. You will find large amount of sexist assholes available to you, and you also won’t need to know very well what they believe.

I am going to help you save from your own worries that no good man really wants to date a solitary mother. Not merely have I dated lots of amazing guys whom either do not care that i am a mother, or love the simple fact I also have met and know of thousands and thousands of women who are also mothers who have found love, fun, companionship and partnership after becoming a mom that I am one.

But exactly what perform some haters state? All those asswipes whom swear off moms that are single? I will share right here to save lots of you the problem of sorting throughout that poisoning, and guarantee you that you don’t need to worry.

These misogynists claim solitary moms just would like a sugar daddy to cover their bills.

We all have been gold diggers.

Primed to attract males, utilize them for their funds and perhaps semen, dump them then. Continue reading “Dilemmas dating a solitary mother: what you should know”